Warriors Playground

Making A Warrior Out of You

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Types of Classes 


Warrior Cardio

Warrior Cardio is a cardio based class where the main goal is weight loss and muscle toning!! The Warrior Cardio classes are high intensity interval training with very little rest breaks, similar to the Tabata Protocol.

Warrior Power

Warrior Power is lean muscle building at its finest. Using moderate to heavy weight, this class will break down the muscle using a series of drop sets, supper sets, and combo sets.

Warrior Boxing

Warrior Boxing is a challenging class that provides a kickboxing style workout as you torture a 100 lb bag with a series of punching and kicking combinations.


Hear From Other Warriors


Fernando Tineo

“Only gym I've attended that doesn't feel like i wasted my time and money. I've been to other gyms and hate the hassle of waiting for a machine to free-up only to finish and start the whole processes again.

Warriors Playground doesn't work that way, you show up at the scheduled time and in about 45 mins of non-stop grunts and groans, you're done. The workouts are intense but attainable for everyone. Not to mention, people are friendly and supportive. You will see results in no time.

My personal favorite part of the class, are the ever changing workouts. Never know what new contraption will come up with next.”

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Luke Young

“This is probably the coolest, most eclectic group of people I've been able to work out with. A fantastic trainer/owner and makes the gym experience fun and challenging. Highly recommended.”

-5 Star Google Review


Pamela P

“I asked the owner to help me train for 50 mile bike in April. My speed has increased by 20% and I no longer struggle riding up hills. This weekend I completed the 50 mile MS bike ride in New Bern. Thank you Warriors Playground. I could not have completed the ride without your training. I highly recommend Warriors Playground!”

-5 Star Yelp Review

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