About Warriors Playground

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Warrior's Playground is the most creative group fitness gym located in the RTP and Brier Creek area. Attracting and winning over gym enthusiasts, and assembling untraditional exercise equipment, Warrior's Playgrounds approach to group fitness pulses with energy that is both exciting and addictive.  The Warrior's Playground gym promises to help you get to your goal with a fitness class that combines strength training and heart pumping cardio! 

Our members are of all ages and walks of life yet share one thing in common; a fierce desire to build a better self.  Whether your goal is weight loss, strength training, endurance, or even to manage health conditions, our program is designed to deliver results.

If you’re tired of the run of the mill gyms, and concerned about Crossfit inquires. Or you’re bored with the repetitiveness of Orange Theory, then pay us a visit. Let’s have some fun while attaining your fitness goals.  We guarantee you won't be disappointed.