Warrior Cardio

(45 Mins)

Warrior Cardio is a cardio based class where the main goal is weight loss and muscle toning. The Warrior Cardio classes are high intensity interval training with very little rest breaks, similar to the Tabata Protocol. You can burn over 1000 calories in each class and it is a great class for beginners!

Warrior Cardio is focused on:

  • Chest

  • Arms

  • Legs

  • Back

  • Core

Using your own tempo, you can take your muscles to an individual level of burnout.  A 45-minute class of full body and cardio will guarantee calorie burn, increase muscle tone, and shed unwanted pounds fast!

Warrior Power

(45 Mins)

Warrior Power is lean muscle building at its finest. We use a wide variety of exercise to keep muscle confusion so your muscle will never plateau and lean muscle growth is sure to happen.

Warrior Power is focused on:

  • Building Lean Muscle

  • Drop Sets

  • Super Sets

  • Combo Sets

If you are ready for a change outside of your normal routine of bench pressing and curls, this class is what you need!

Warrior Boxing

(45 Mins)

Warrior Boxing is a challenging class that provides a great workout as you set course to torture a 100 LB. bag.

Warrior Boxing is focused on:

  • Punching Combinations

  • Kicking Combinations

  • Mixing 1-Minute Boxing Rounds with Hammer Drill Style Exercises

Warrior Boxing wants to elevate your heart rate while challenging and engaging your muscles. Whether you have boxed before or you haven’t, Warrior Boxing can be modified for all levels of fitness.

Warrior Gains is for that person who is seeking to develop more muscle mass. Warrior Gains is designed to build muscle by using a combination of the right exercises to kelp you do just that.

Warrior Gains is focused on:

  • Sufficient Volume

  • Intensity-Boosting Techniques

  • Weighted Bridges

  • Barbell Squats, Barbell Bench Press, Deadlifts and more!

By adding more muscle mass you will perform everyday task better, boost your metabolism, boost your immune system, increase bone strength and help with weight loss!

Warrior Gains

(45 Mins)